Post Explorer

Post Explorer is a tool that I have created in early 2016 with the following three main features :

1. Browse recent posts from all your liked pages.
. Facebook usually does not show posts from all pages that you have liked, therefore there are lots of posts that you are missing everyday, particularly from the less popular pages. This tool is designed to retrieve a small batch of posts from each of your liked pages beginning with the most popular ones.

Post Explorer for facebook - Home page
Post Explorer – Home page

2. It categorises your liked pages into different groups. 

Was there once a big event that was getting all the news but they were lost in your news feed? Did you ever want to get latests news from all major media pages ( that you have liked ) on a single page? This is now possible with post explorer. It automatically groups pages you have liked in their specific categories and you can then access feeds from all those pages instantaneously.

Post explorer for facebook - categories
Post explorer for facebook – categories

3. Favourite Pages

You can set your favourite pages from the page list and browse their feeds uniquely!

post explorer for facebook - favourite pages
Select your favourite pages

WEB version :
ANDROID version :

Post explorer for Facebook - Android version
Post explorer for Facebook – Android version

Important Notice : You need to give permission to the app to retrieve your Facebook liked pages during the first login. Denying this request will not allow the application to retrieve the list of your facebook liked pages.